Monday, November 14, 2016

So It Begins

Season 5 Episode 6

This was a pretty good episode, not only did he use his, now standard, trick arrows, Green Arrow shot an arrow into the barrel of a gun!! Then he used the parachute arrow! 

Were there other people on that train? Did they all just die? He should have attached the bomb to the parachute arrow instead.

"I know you're all upset with me so thank you for for showing up despite that.
Well we were afraid you would kill us if we didn't. Too soon?"

It's funny those guys didn't realize he was The Hood, The Arrow & The Green Arrow. I'm getting tired of secrets & lies being talked about in every single episode. Superheroes lie to keep a secret identity, get over it. As if Artemis doesn't lie to her friends & family about why she's not on Snapchat? 

"Who knew Prometheus is a Babylon 5 fanboy."

Green Arrow needs to call that reporter. There is no way drunk Quentin is Prometheus. 

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