Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The Walking Dead

I totally forgot about these two. It's good to see what they were up to. I'm pretty sure, it may have taken two weeks to drive to that bridge, but she walked back so it's been way longer than that. Why would Tara lie about being a fisherman? The past doesn't matter anymore.

I like that the girls did exactly what I said people should do: just pick up & leave. It's a big planet, go find somewhere safe away from Negan. I'm surprised people haven't started building artificial islands. or moats. Why aren't there more moats? Sure it would stink but that would help keep the zombies away.

At least now we know what happened to that SHIELD agent from the DEO.

It looks like we will get an episode of Heath & his adventures. Maybe he'll find another city-state as society slowly starts to rebuild. Will they all form a United Federation of towns & take out the Negan empire?

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