Thursday, November 24, 2016

Outlaw Country

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 6
Jonah Hex is back! It was pretty funny how Mick become friends with Lapedus in the saloon. It seems like they are trying harder to not ruin the past. Firestorm didn't fly around & Firefly didn't use his gun. Steel kept changing into steel, which he should have tried to minimize. Jonah working with White Canary wasn't bad.
I wish his history book hadn't of changed, it would have been better if Gideon told them what the change was, the whole point of the early warning system is so that there isn't a time quake so there is no way his book would have been changed so soon.
I think they've mentioned Dwarf Star before but I don't remember what it is. When is The Atom going to be back? They should jump back to 2016 & get his suit.

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