Monday, November 7, 2016

Madame Sosostris

Season 1 Episode 6

As I suspected, every single apocalypse myth is coming true at the same time. 

Now there are shapeshifters or as that drunk bitch called them Aswang. Professor Douglas was a miserable misandrist & of course mangina copeland didn't call her on it, I guess because he wanted her paper. it probably contains all of them in one place so he doesn't have to research them all separately. It's too bad they didn't shoot her in the gut so she could suffer, but at least she died alone as most feminists will.

The mom was being annoying again, I did like when she shot those escaped convicts when they stupidly lied & said they killed her daughter..

It's too bad they killed Devyn, they could have killed him a better way. I'm not sure why they ended this episode the same way at the last one. Are they going to do that in the next one with the soldier boy? Computer punch cards??! Did they travel in time to the 60s?? What happened to the Banshee?

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