Thursday, November 10, 2016

Castles Made of Sand

Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 4

The show is boring. They think slow motion & multiple takes of the same scene is what dreams are like. They aren't.

It seems like the dreams are now predicting the future. I know people IRL who think that they do, but I don't. It doesn't make sense that Taka didn't ask his neighbor about her being in his dream, especially once he saw that the dream assassin knew what he was talking about it.

The detective dreamed that the therapist was attracted to him & dreamt about watching her masturbate, so he hits on her IRL, she invites him up & like the dream she tells him to watch her use her vibrator but instead of being a man, he actually stands there like an impotent peeping tom watching her. How incredibly desperate must he be to put up with that.  Then cop's mom screaming when the therapist orgasmed was gross.

I loved when the drug dealer called Tess Goldilocks. There has never been a better description for girls who enter a place they don't belong, complain about everything & then pretend that they are the victim. That was the best scene.

Do green things give people dream powers? When burton had the tennis ball he was able to make that surfboard girl disappear.

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