Friday, November 25, 2016

Go Getters

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 5

This episode could have been better but Maggie, Sasha & Jesus were being really stupid. It's like they forgot that they watched their men get murdered right in front of them & they can't count how many Saviors showed up at the hilltop. They were being defiant little children. 

Jesus was being the worst. He kept arguing about how Gregory was handling the Saviors but Gregory is right. He is keeping them alive. He is doing what Rick is doing. He kept saying Jesus could be in charge but the real coward is Jesus, because he kept turning the job. He just wants to complain while Gregory is in danger.

Rick seems to be committed to the new life. He really isn't trying anything unlike Stupid Carl though. He not only ruined a car but he's going to Negan country. What did he think he was going to do there? He has only 1 eye & can't even throw a dart. He almost lost an arm, so unless he has a suicide vest, he's going to accomplish nothing except become another hostage & have Negan take it out on Arcadia.

I doubt him & Jesus will be able to accomplish anything.

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