Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Swirl

Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 6
They confirmed everything I figured out last week. They finally showed a dream that's like a real dream but it's taken them too long to show something so mundane yet so disorienting.
This show will put you to sleep so you can dream something that is more entertaining than this show.
Tess's mom helped White Ocean steal her baby & the green sneaker assassins hang out with Taka's mom. I guess his mom ate his food when he was a kid so he was pulling the same routine in the diner?
Burton's sex girl is a prisoner of White Ocean somewhere but for some reason never told him or asked for help? He talked to Tess in the diner but somehow they didn't recognize each other? Burton clearly knows invading dreams is possible but he didn't talk to Tess. So dumb.

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