Monday, November 28, 2016

Take it Personal

Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 10

This episode sucked.

As if the confusing memories of his cheating father weren't annoying enough. They turned Power Man into a mindless angry black man who loses his temper & destroys a barn right after the doctor talked about curing cancer & HIV.

Just like in the prison, nobody takes responsibility for their actions. The fight club guys volunteered for the experiments in exchange for time off their sentence, besides they were criminals. They didn't even link the experiments to the search to re-create the super soldier serum.

But the worst part of this episode is the pathetic black lies matter garbage they tried to shoehorn into this episode. Except they had a black cop beat up an innocent black boy. Of course the black boy was super disrespectful to the cop just like in the real world. 

"You'd think a sista in charge would change things but you're blue which makes you just as white as anybody else."

That boy's mom was racist as hell for saying that, it was also stupid. She equated being a police officer with being white. Erasing the 2 black cops right in front of her. It was so stupid. I see now why this show didn't get as much praise as all the other ones.

The only good part is that we found out that Reva was a liar, which wasn't really a surprise that a girl lied to a man who loved her.

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