Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Season 5 Episode 7

How funny that Felicity had considered getting Vigilante to join the team, they should have mentioned that. He was out of control & blew up a hotel room just to get a bank robber, talk about overkill. I guess he's the DA? Although, I'd like it better if the DA turns out to be Prometheus.

I can't believe Artemis is a bad guy & working with Prometheus! How did that happen?

Putting Quentin in rehab was a good idea. Those were some good scenes & Thea should be the next mayor!

I'm so glad Oliver called everyone out on there hypocritical crap about wanting to let Vigilante keep killing people but they were whining when they found out he was The Hood. This season is so much better. I never thought I'd actually be grateful for Flashpoint.

I'm so glad there was no drama about his date with the reporter who was tweeting at a Russian journalist. She is going to find out what Casey Jones was doing hanging out with He-Man.

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