Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Little Thing

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 8

This is supposed to be a vampire show but it's really wants to be a zombie show. They are trying really hard to be The Walking Dead where "people are the real monsters" but it's stupid & overdone. They should have gone in a different direction & revolve around some bad guys, instead Van Helsing is like a lame Buffy fighting both vampire-zombies & humans.

Some vampires are normal but Ii guess the ones who don't get enough blood are like zombies. Teen Mohamad was able to take out 3 zombievampires like he's Mace Windu. Right, there is tons of food & beer 3 years after the apocalypse so that the ungrateful doctor can be a bitch to the guy who kept her alive all that time by feeding her his blood.

They don't know what they are doing with this show so they fall back on "men are evil" like in episode 2. They decided to make John who didn't trust the re-human man but has no problem kissing the girl re-human. His wife died like a week ago in TV time but now he's with the blonde who stops the sex for no reason at all, except to make him a rapist.

I thought they were done with the murderer story but I feel like next week we'll find out it wasn't him. That would have been more shocking if they didn't make him into a monster at the last minute.

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