Saturday, November 12, 2016


Season 2 Episode 5

What a great episode! It was so funny, too.

"What are those alarms?"

Mon-El better not turn evil. I'm glad she's going to do a better job of teaching him how to fit in.

I wish Supergirl had bent that shotgun. That gravity gun was pretty cool. Supergirl ripped that police car door off & threw it away with no regard for where it was going to land.

I'm really not into Jimmy Olsen becoming a vigilante. I know he had a costume in the 70s, 'turtle boy' or something? He should just work at the magazine. That speech that Winn gave him was good. It made sense & he was right. The heroes need a support network, not some dumb guy who suddenly has a black belt.

Nooo! Lutessa's mom is behind Cadmus! I didn't expect that thanks to watching every episode of Smallville. How is she getting her hands on those guns?

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