Saturday, December 24, 2016

Adult Options

Season 2 Episode 4

Trinity is such a bitch. She was so rude to that girl programmer who obviously admires her.

Arrgh, stupid Toby had to be a nice guy, his synthie girlfriend told him she wanted to get intimate & even gave him written permission but like a typical nice guy he wanted "to get to know her." He wasn't even role-playing the right way. If she wanted to talk to him as a human, she would have told him to touch the underside of her chin, so she would "shut down." Standard nice guy mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life.

Maddie is a complete idiot. Aniska murdered someone. Her father was laid off because of synths & a synth invaded their house but like a moron she completes the code so there can be an immediate synth uprising. What does she think is going to happen? How stupid can somebody be?

The seraphim are synth children? Childless people can adopt real kids so what is the point? Is that so pedos can have sex with synth children?

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