Friday, December 23, 2016


Season 1 Episode 4

So Trinity wants to put her daughter into a synth. The show is now turning into dollhouse.

I really like how that ceo, had her. He was like everything on my servers is mine, including your daughter.

Maxie was like, you're not one of us. When push comes to shove, perpetual victims love to point out how you aren't part of their group, no matter how much you've been helping or how similar you are.

Has Niksa just been sitting in the room all this time? They should have shown the machines register a reaction when the lesbian showed & when they were talking.

Laura isn't a very good lawyer, she should have reminded the DA that Niksa murdered a man & that if there are more sentient synths out there, that means there are more murdering synths.

Oh no the ice cream man is going to sell Mia to Trinity!

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