Thursday, December 1, 2016

Space Race

Season 1 Episode 8

I'm surprised that Garcia saved his half brother. Is he even aware what that will do to the timeline? If his mother isn't sad, he will have been raised differently.

In the middle of a pretty interesting story, instead of letting Rufus just do the history lesson this episode, they included that cringe inducing scene of Lucy refusing to get coffee for someone, even though that has her job. Her position was hired to do that, so were all the other girls there. It was so contrived & it all did was take focus away from the woman who helped the moon landing.

I liked that Wyatt had a fake id that said his name was Agent Mulder.

What is Rittenhouse planning on doing with the time machine that Dr Leakey wants to prevent the moon landing? Is Rittenhouse controlled by Russia?

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