Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hearts Still Beating

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 8

I knew Spencer was going to find out the hard way but can you really rip open someone's stomach like that so their guts spill out? He should have told Negan how he just got back from scavenging for him. Oh well.

At 1st I was wondering why Rick should thank him, but Negan had a point, he did bring his son back alive & unharmed.

I can't believe Rosita missed, she was so close! Arrrgh. It seems like Negan respects bad asses because he let Rosita live. But like Eugene said, someone else would pay the price. Now Olivia is dead. That Negan girl probably shot her because she had gone hungry at some point.

I didn't expect Darryl to bash that dude's head in. It looks they are ready to make a plan & fight back now. Seeing them all together, I think there are only 4 people from the 1st season. Darryl, Rick, Carl & Carol. They can get the rooftop people & Alexandria but they need more, they will have to get Themyscira & The Kingdom to help.

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