Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Cost Containment

Season 1 Episode 4

I liked seeing the other corporations that exist. There must be many more in order for the green zones to even exist: car, home, tech corporations. Are Spiga employees allowed to buy stock in other corporations? Because they mentioned the stock market so somebody is buying stocks. Is it just America that has red & green zones & the rest of the planet is relatively the same?

I can't believe that they had the Chinese commercial for "feed the children" but for an american boy.

That guy got his dad to have Elena do an outcall! That's crazy. Maybe her scholarship was real but then she got nda'd & then chose to be a whore? Ben didn't expect to see her so soon!

Elena's brother is annoying. How is it that Ben is more realistic than he is? He's so dumb.

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