Monday, December 19, 2016

You Know My Steez

Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 13

This season finale was terrible, basically the whole season was. What a disappointment.

There is a reason a lot of Superman's adversaries are powerless humans. Because Superman is constrained by the law & punching them would kill them. That is what they should have done with Luke Cage, kept all the bad guys regular humans.

Instead of having Luke Cage fight regular street criminals, they gave him some clown in a suit. It was the lamest costume ever. Somehow this fabric let him withstand punches from Power Man?? and the stupid punch glove? Just nonsense.

That fight in the streets was also stupid & unrealistic. It was like a lame school yard fight. It just made Harlem residents look bad. I was expecting them all to start chanting "World Star" because that's what would really happen.

I also don't like that they are putting Power Man with Night Nurse instead of with Misty Knight.

Despite all the stupid anti-cop racist crap on this show, where do all the stories get resolved? At the police station. Just like Misty Knight said, people hate cops until they need them. But that isn't the final message, somehow the final message is that police are bad because they locked up the hero of the show.

This is what happens when Social Justice Warriors have creative control. They push their stupid agenda to the detriment or the story.

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