Sunday, December 25, 2016


Season 1 Episode 4

I was as surprised as MacLaren when that dead russian guy started talking to him.

The show is starting to make less sense. How can the director in the future know exactly where MacLaren is but not know that Marcy is developmentally slow. Also why is that cop investigating Marcy? I get being curious about her, but now it seems unrealistic. It would have been better if he had seen Marcy with Carly.

I like that MacLaren had the FBI arrest Captain Young. It kind of fits in with him not waiting to save lives, it makes sense that he wouldn't want to kill anyone either. It's starting to seem like a temporal cold war. That other team leader was pretty grizzled & he seemed to have no problem with breaking laws & killing people, so maybe they aren't the good guys. Maybe they are working with the Xindi.
Did they name them Carter & Hall on purpose?

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