Friday, December 16, 2016

Now That We Talk of Dying

Season 1 Episode 12
For some reason they shifted the viewpoint of the show to these two investigators looking for Moondog from some fake agency that is supposed to be FEMA. He weirdly thinks the apocalypse is all one big conspiracy. It turns out Moondog is Captain Young of The Destiny.
They couldn't resist having Karen meet a fellow soldier. This time it's from Vietnam. It was really dumb, because people traveling through time is not an apocalypse myth. It would have been better if she was cocky about her air force credentials & the soldier had said that it didn't exist back then.
The Matt & Sarah scenes were terribly written. The world is ending, of course two teenagers would get physical, I can't believe they couldn't think of a better way to make it happen. Then Sarah runs away for no reason. The Dana & Brianna conversations are also terrible. Whoever wrote this must have been an only child.
"The one is many, but the many are one.”
Isn't that just the motto on our money: E. Pluribus Unum?

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