Saturday, December 17, 2016

No Task for the Timid

Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 9

Even though Taka is a cop who lives on the same floor as Tess, he goes through her sister to talk to Tess. So stupid. Then Tess, the mother who desperately wants to find her son, scoffs when he says that he can help & that he has met her son. Then they tried to make that dumb joke about the two of them sleeping together.

Burton found the boy & he finally does the one thing people do when they are lucid dreaming, fly. it has taken 9 episodes for someone to do this on a show about dreaming. It was such nonsense.

Then they had the fat guy & his "purity of data" girl shiver as if that was supposed to be scary. For a show about dreams, they are really uncreative.

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