Sunday, December 25, 2016

Human Resources

Season 1 Episode 3

I liked the way the red zoners were learning in the future. Meanwhile the Inazi kids were watching their Nazi youth cartoon.

That dude actually ate raw rat? He didn't even cook it! So gross. How did he not go to a doctor after he got back to the green zone. Ii think it would be pretty funny if he gets sick in a future episode & everyone's like "how did the Bubonic Plague get in here?"

I knew Elena wasn't dead. it was way too obvious, I wonder if the ring message was something she had added to the ring.

I liked the extraction of that EV but they didn't really explain why she worth it. Like Demolition Man sex, they were all going to experience the fat guy's meal virtually.  

Stupid Laura, I wouldn't have let the servant in after the whole town showed up. How do they not have a sluice? Do they just open that huge fence in the mornings when she comes to work? why was "miles to go before I sleep" code for wanting to defect? 

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