Sunday, December 18, 2016


Season 1 Episode 1
This was a pretty good 1st episode.

The time travelers can only send their consciousness into the past. Unlike Quantum Leap, their memory isn't Swiss-cheesed, so that's good.

I wonder if they will create alternate futures, like Continuum did & they lose contact with whoever sent them. Just taking over those people's lives should be changing the future each time they do it like on Timeless. An FBI agent is not an insignificant person.
I like that they screwed up with the librarian girl, because they were using social media to pick their targets. Oops, don't believe everything you read online!
I'm surprised that MacLaren was taken over too, I thought he was going to help them in the present. I wonder if it will still be interesting without a non-traveler for them to explain things to.
Did they cause the blackout or was that the beginning of the end?

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