Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sing Me a Song

The Walking Dead
Season 7 Episode 7

OMG, that was so frustrating that Carl didn't shoot Negan when he had the chance. I know he froze because all those other guys were there, but I thought he knew it was a suicide mission. The dumb kid choked at the last minute. What an idiot. He is so lucky he wasn't dismembered right there.

I like the idea that Negan is re-building society & he knows the only way to do that is with a heavy hand. When he whispered that Carl probably thinks he's "a lunatic" shows that he knows he has to be over the top so people fear him. That made me not think of him as a cartoonish buffoon.

I'm so glad that Rosita told Eugene the truth. He is annoying & she shouldn't have apologized. he needed to hear it. That fool Spencer is still blaming Rick, now he will learn how bad Negan is firsthand.

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