Friday, December 9, 2016


Teen Wolf

This was a pretty good episode with Malia getting shot by the sheriff, I didn't realize that's how Coyotes are. Then later on she wanted him to shoot that guy she spooned.

I like that the ghost riders travel by lighting. I also liked their vanishing bullets. I wish that people disappeared how I thought they did, basically being erased from people's memories, but it seems like there is no logic to how people disappear. Lydia's explanation for how Relics even exist, makes no sense. That mom & her medical records, also make no sense.

Not interested in the youngblood pack at all. Liam better not challenge Scott. I wish Scott had attacked one of the Ghost Rider & tore his throat open with his fangs, instead Liam attacked. What kind of True Alpha are you?

What! How long has the jeep been there? 3 days? Nobody noticed?

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