Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Feels Right

Season 2 Episode 7

That was smart that Qualia had an invisible fence to kill the synths but I'm surprised they didn't fall more at the perimeter, maybe it networked off of them and that's why it spread out so much. I thought Mia was going to let the fence kill Hester, that was a surprise.

Noooo they killed Pete, that sucked. Why didn't he shoot Hester, do they not have guns over there? 

And Hester killed that poor woman, it was pretty sad that she is dead and its all the police woman's fault. It was pretty interesting when she looked at Mia. I hope Maddie finally realized what a terrible idea it is to wake them all up after one of them hurt her & even Mia said that humans need to be afraid. 

At least that silly synthie girl realized how stupid it is to identify as something you're not. Duh.

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