Saturday, December 24, 2016

It Begins

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 13

This was the season finale & somehow they managed to make this show even more stupid than it has been. The vampires decided to feed her blood & she drank it.

It seems like someone on the show watched a bunch of other vampire tv shows because they made her act like Damon & had her shove her hand into Dmitri's chest. But she didn't rip out his heart so that was pointless. Then they actually called her a Daywalker. Did they really think that we haven't seen Blade? Why would that even matter, everyone on this show is a daywalker. It's the whole premise of the show.

There was more stupidity when they had the resistance loudly announcing their attack, but somehow there were no ferals around. Then the leader shoots another human instead of Dmitri because he wants some land?

Then the sister, instead of having the vampires exile her brother, bashes him over the head.

It just kept getting stupid & ended with her daughter being a vampire. I can't imagine who would watch another season of this garbage.

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