Friday, December 9, 2016

The Present

The flash
Season 3 Episode 9

Alkemy & The Philoshopher's Stone! Barry needs a wand!

It was a good ending with Barry heading the advice to not think about a possible future & take advantage of the present. I'm glad they are going to live together. Killer Frost making it snow for Christmas. I thought Draco said he had a girlfriend?

I did not expect them to go to Earth-3, which I forgot is where Jay Garrick lives. It's funny their Trickster sounds like the Earth-1 Trickster. How does he know all this stuff about the speedforce & Savitar?

I am not happy about Savitar's prophecy. It works on The Originals but not on these shows. The Arrow death was stupid & now this one. They really shouldn't do things like that, this show doesn't need it. They better be metaphorical.

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