Friday, December 30, 2016


Season 2 Episode 8

I liked how Hester acted like a psychopath when Julia was pointing out how human she was. Stupid Leo should have used that phone thing as soon as she was hugging him, instead he got stabbed like a dummy. The fact that Aniska had to kill Hester shows how dangerous synths are. The Asimov blocks shouldn't turn off when they become sentient. Maddie should have fixed that.

Sure many of the synths are like children, but many of them are angry murder-bots. What the hell was Maddie thinking. Her mother almost died, she was threatened & yet she still unleashed the code worldwide just to save Mia? That was the stupidest decision ever.

The only realistic 3rd season would be the war between humans & robots. it would be really dumb if they didn't. The 1st season had the underground fight clubs where people beat up synths & the 2nd season started with synths at Hester's job being damaged so there is no way that people wouldn't fight against them. there are already synth-free towns so it makes sense. it's too bad they didn't show anti-synth people. I'm sure there must be hackers who are anti-synth.

The only possible positive is that some of them will die of old-age faster than they should because of the over-clocking.

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