Sunday, December 18, 2016


Season 2 Episode 1

I like that the synths didn't all become sentient. That would have been a disaster & the start of the robopocalypse. Does that sentience code override the 3 laws of robotics?

I was a little confused by Anita working at that ice cream shop. She was really good at pretending to be a toaster & covered up her "I wanted to help" slip-up.

It's too bad they killed the Spanish synth. He seemed more interesting than the Hester-bot. 

So Trinity has her own sentient AI. I'm surprised because it sure didn't seem sentient when she was talking to it.

"If I was here to kill you all, I wouldn't have rung the bell."

Not looking forward to a boring court room episode, I already saw this when Captain Picard & Riker argued whether Data was property or not, in front of Captain Louvois

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