Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gray Line

Season 1 Episode 9

I thought Daniel had a girlfriend in the 1st episode, I was so distracted by Raimy cheating on the cop guy, that I forgot Daniel cheated on his girlfriend. Except now she's his fiance! Does Raimy break up with him? Did she confirm he was single? No. she doesn't care & they tried to contrast her being a selfish cheater with Frank getting back together with his wife, terrible.

At least Frank found out who he can count on, nobody. He thinks it's his wife, but he's wrong. She abandoned him, threw him out & she slept with the softball coach. He can't count on her either.

They really should change more of the timeline. She should have woken up with new memories of her father being murdered earlier, because of Satch's betrayal. This show needs to end soon.

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