Monday, December 5, 2016

Three Half Blind Mice

Falling Water
Season 1 episode 7

No dreams in this episode & somehow it's even more boring & makes less sense. 

Tess, who is crazy about finding her son, is with the detective at her sister's apt & he tells her that he has seen her son & that he dreamt about her son. So what does the girl who is desperate to find her son & has the ability to enter other's dreams, do? She leaves the apt! She doesn't ask the cop about her son or try to enter his dreams, she leaves the apartment!! The one guy with concrete evidence that her son exists & she leaves him to drive off with the fat guy. This show is even more stupid than FTWD.

Because the show isn't bad enough, they decided to go SJW, I guess to improve ratings. The dream sex girl starts the episode talking about "3 white men" & then Bizzy, the girl dreaming about Woody,  says she's being dream-raped & after Bizzy shoots Woody IRL, he decides to listen to Burton and is going to tell the police that he was mugged by two white kids. Because his fancy apartment building doesn't have security cameras that will show what really happened. But now we know who the villain of this show is: white men.

Normally I'd stop watching, but this show is so stupid, I want to see how they wrap it up.

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