Thursday, December 8, 2016


Season 1 Episode 8
This show continues to get worse with each episode.
They keep destroying the marriage just so they could have Frank say to Raimey "The only thing we have is you" & then Raimey replied with the same line. Of course, this line is completely untrue because it erases what we saw, which is that Frank raised Raimey alone after the mom died & they worked together as cops. They were pretty happy together. It also erases the happy life Frank had with his wife before he went undercover. It was so stupid.
It's just really bad now & they keep making Raimmy into a worse person in general because she led on that cop guy she banged so she could cheat with her fiance from the prime timeline. And he stalked a cop at her house? In 2016? Nonsense.
They have destroyed a really great movie to make this terrible tv show.

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