Sunday, December 4, 2016


DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 7

These shows are so awesome.

They did such a good job of spreading out the characters on all the shows. It was pretty funny that they were fighting the Dominators on the roof of a building, I thought it might turn into the Man of Steel.

"She looks like my cousin"!

Hopefully the Dominators will show up on Supergirl & she can beat up a bunch of them over there with Martian Manhunter & Superman.

It looks like the new president has forgiven the Super Friends of all their crimes. The Flash was not doing his blur face at all, someone other than that Argus guy is going to figure it out.

"Darmok & Jalad at Tanagra"!!

So glad that Cisco realized he changed time & he made things worse. & he forgave Barry. It was getting really tiresome. I really liked that he did some of the moves that Quicksilver did in X-Men Apocalypse.

"Call me"

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