Saturday, December 31, 2016

Profit and Loss

Season 1 Episode 5

So much for my theory. Ben is just a white knight trying to save Elena from...what exactly? She signed up willingly & knowingly to be whore. She seems pretty tough & what is he going to rescue her to? Living in the red zone doing what? Managing her brother the cage fighter? Does Aaron think they are going to be grifters again?

I like that Ben killed his rival. Hopefully they thought out how the police work. His dad doesn't work for Spiga & he's going to want answers. The firemen are like the Public Eye from 2099, makes sense.

As much as I like all the future tech they have, they seem to have not thought it through. Like his video obfuscation tech. Is it just his or does everyone have it? If everyone has it, shouldn't that alert the hotel staff to watch him closely?

So glad Kylen asked the question I was thinking. Spiga is a seed company, how are you making mind-reading tech? How isn't there a mind-reading tech company already? Shouldn't all there tech come from other companies? Shouldn't there be a whore corporation instead of it being handled in-house?

Even though a lot of the world building makes no sense, it's still a good show.

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