Monday, December 26, 2016

Circular Time

Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 10

Instead of a crazy dream we got a frustrating Groundhog Day episode. I guess they were running out of money & it was cheaper to film the same scenes 3 times. The Twin Peaks dream sequence was more interesting & had more meaning than this entire season.

James can travel through time & that's what he does with it? It was all so stupid & the fat guy was making himself out to be the good guy. Maybe he was. He helped Tess find her son, Burton was auctioning the kid off & Taka betrayed her to the green sneakers in one of those iterations. It doesn't matter though, because there is no way this show should be renewed.

This show turned out to be super stupid. Instead of the boy having dream powers, he's a time traveling omega-level mutant. They really had no idea what they were doing with this show & it really went off the rails in this episode.

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