Monday, December 12, 2016

Soliloquy of Chaos

Luke Cage
Season 1 Episode 12

Another stupid episode that not only blatantly tied Power Man to black lies blather, there was some lame rap song that referenced Heroes for Hire, even though on this show he keeps saying he isn't charging anyone. It was terrible & stupid. I'm trying to watch a superhero show not some political propaganda for a domestic terrorist movement that always defends actual criminals. Bullet proof black man? There are millions of black men who don't get shot because they don't break the law.

On the show, all these people started wearing hoodies with bullet holes in them, sure it brings up Power Man, but really they were being portrayed as anti-cop hoodies. It's ridiculous because Misty Knight, the police detective has been in every episode. Are police evil racists or are there good black female cops? It's like they don't know what message they are trying to send.

Luke escaped custody so Shades & Mariah met him at the barbershop because they couldn't take care of Diamondback on their own? It was really stupid. Then he showed up with some kind of costume. It wasn't even snake themed. I doubt the last episode will be good.

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