Monday, December 19, 2016

Vertical Mobility

Season 1 Episode 1

This was a really good 1st episode.

Continuums & Dark Matter's future of corporations in charge instead of governments is shown from the worker's view here. 

I like how there are still suburbs & the highway has video screens so they don't even see the red zones. I was wondering how they were going to show us the red zone.

The office workers weren't attacked when they showed up at the Red Zone club & that callous woman's husband was kidnapped & lost an ear so it seems like the red zones are just like 3rd world countries now. Laura was probably attacked at the red zone.

I liked how they talked about the beaches in Iceland & how New York is probably deeper under water than it is on The Expanse.

Ben set up poor Chad just to find Elena. While laura is about to have his baby thanks to his mother-in-law & ceo Joanna Beauchamp! This guy is playing with fire.

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