Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stay Away

Van Helsing
Season 1 Episode 10
What on earth is Harrison Wells doing on this terrible show? Did he owe someone a favor or did he want to practice his terrible French accent. It's like they forgot that Eden is still in America.
Instead of Vanessa biting all the vampires & turning them human, she is killing them all. Instead she bit the human, Theo. Is he going to turn into a reverse-vampire like Van Helsing because of her bite? If not, then it was incredibly pointless for her to bite him.
At least Van Helsing's bite makes you permanently human, as the selfish doctor found out when she tried to get turned again.
At 1st I liked that the vampires were finally farming their food by letting the humans live in that place but no, Magdalene is  eating the babies. More nonsense. I guess someone finally saw Blade & thought it would be shocking. It would have been better if the pregnant women were part of the other pregnant women story.
That guy stabbed Micah so it seems like he's the murderer, but does anybody really care about that "story"?

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