Sunday, June 11, 2017

A New Beginning

The New Adventures of He-man
Season 1, Episode 1
I like how they had He-Man transform in front of his parents. It was always a dumb reason for him to keep it a secret from them. It should have only been a secret to the bad guys. Well, He-man finally rid Eternia of Skeletor, by taking him to the future! to harass Primus!
Andros the Goat Man, he's brown unlike the action figure Goat Man that has red armor.

"The power of the good & the way of the magic."
That's weird that the Primus shield is held together by the inner council & not science.

It seemed like Mara was going to be Hydron's love interest.
In this episode:
He-Man, Drissi, Hydon, Mara, Flipshot,
Flogg, Crita, Hoove, Karatti, Mutant Troopers, Optikk, Skeletor, Slushhead,

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