Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

Season 3 Episode 1

2.8 minutes later!

I thought that new company was evil & wanted to conquer humans & keep us in farms like
Warlands, but it turns out, she wants to keep the zombies safe on a small private island. I did not see that coming. that is a good idea, but she would need a big network of morticians to get her hands on enough brains to feed her island of zombies. She would also have to make sure they don't create any more, at some point too many zombies will create too much of a demand on brains.

That was smart that they blew up the building, but I forgot about that security guard. That is bad. Now some people know about zombies & are killing them. unlike the chaos killer, they are really killing zombies.

Discovery Day, not to be confused with The Great Revelation. They need some Tru Brains!

Oh no Dr. Kupps is examining the bodies, that is not good. Major is working for Filmore-Ggraves!

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