Sunday, June 25, 2017


Season 3 Episode 3

Camille is being really childish, she came to work hungover & was being sarcastic to Cameron then she blamed Linus for what she said.

That plastic surgeon was ugly but she should blame the butcher who made her that way, or even better, herself. She didn't have to get plastic surgery. All these girls & none of them taking responsibility for what they did. Girls blaming others for their own actions seems to be the them for this episode. 

What was the point of the locked computer showing up with the dead guy's name? We already know that these are training sessions so obviously they are choosing dead people who fit some kind of algorithm.

So Cameron & Kirsten can't have sex, I guess it makes sense considering she didn't really have emotions until recently. It's still not what I expected. They really should push forward with her mom story line in case this show doesn't get renewed. I don't think it's that popular.

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