Sunday, June 4, 2017


The 100
Season 4 Episode 13

This was a great season finale!

I like that Octavia & Bellamy reconciled. And that she realizes that she has no idea what she's doing. She lived under the floor, so she doesn't even know how to live in an ark. Jaha probably helped her though. It kind of sucks that we won't see those kinds of disagreements.

Just when you think they have a solution, something goes wrong. I thought Monty was going to die when Murphy left him there but they went back & got him. I did not understand Echo & her suicide ritual, so dumb. I was great the way the grounders were like wtf when they saw Raven float around. She got her spacewalk & for a second I thought they might kill Clarke but she made it back to the lab, then suddenly 6 years later!!

I thought we would see the time jump next season. I thought Clarke might have had secret sex with Bellamy, but that little nightblood was too old. They must have found each other? Clarke's a grounder now.

Who are those prisoners that are landing on earth? Where have they been all this time? Where is Bellamy? Did they land somewhere in the ocean & are trying to make their way to her?? Are the 13 clans still alive 5 years later?

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