Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Spanking the Zombie


Season 3 Episode 5

Chicken-Fried Brain Steak

This episode was so funny with Liv eating dominatrix brain. Then it got sad at the end when Major was about to take cure 2.0 with Ravi & Liv saying bye to him.

Now his mercenary friend knows that there's a cure. That's bad.

Major asks for a less silly name, meanwhile that Filmore-Graves guy's name is AK Fortisen.

I liked that Liv is over Drake & finally was with Major the way she should have been. So glad Peyton wasn't in this one. Where did Ravi's boss go? She just vanished? I like how Clive said she was going to Warg!

The anti-zombie people are right though, logically they make sense. I'm glad the Filmore-Graves woman said "these are our friends" but it didn't change that guy's mind.

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