Friday, June 30, 2017


Season 1 Episode 6

Charlie was still annoying, but they managed to make her less grating. She's still terrible though.
I can see how she can predict things & see things but is she also some super hacker that she put those words on the car exam screen.

I can't believe Luke is a pathetic white knight who let himself get expelled from college to protect his stupid girlfriend. She will be banging some other guy in days, while he just ruined his life. I also hate that dialogue between him & his dad. How on earth does his father not force him to tell the truth knowing that he could just confess. That was a really stupid plot point. They could have just had him move back home to help with Holden while staying in school.

His slut mom going to bang the preacher meanwhile her son is a drug dealing white knight, maybe try being a mom.

So Willa's dad is Frost. How did she not know who her father is? She's so close to Arthur but doesn't know who her father is?

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