Friday, June 2, 2017

Finish Line

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 23

What!? HR is dead, I did not see that coming. That was terrible. I know he isn't the original or even Earth-2 HR but still, it was sad that he died, right after he had that connection with the Doctor.

I like how The Flash took over the Savitar suit & it turned red. I liked Savitar's idea to be everywhen at once.

I can't believe they were going to try to help Savitar. He killed HR & tried to kill Iris. Barry prime's naivete is what got HR-Iris killed. 

They found a cure for meta-humans? That is a big deal. I don't think they realize what a big deal that is. They can cure all the meta-humans now.
It's dumb that Iris said she saved Barry. Duh, everyone was there, so were we. It was a really unnecessary line.  After watching Iris die last episode now they send Barry into the speedforce prison? The speedforce prison? Does that even need to exist? What is the point of it? It obviously didn't always exist, so get rid of it somehow.

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