Saturday, June 17, 2017

You Are Not Your Own

Season 2 Episode 12

The Freaky Friday was pretty good, but I'm surprised by how much crying Magnus was doing in Valentine's body. That was a lot, I expected him to be arrogant but I guess that torture rune made him emotional?

How cool was it that Alec took out Azazel, after they made it seem that Jace was going to do it.
So Jace has a grandmother now. Simon is so dumb, now more vampires know he's a Daylighter, there's going to be a vampire invasion soon, because if I was one of them, I'd try to kidnap Simon to see how he can do that.

I wish the fights scenes weren't just them sparring with each other. I want to see Jace or Clary fight a downworlder.

What were Izzy & Simon thinking threatening Raphael's sister. That was such a bad idea. Especially because Raphael has been really nice to both of them.

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