Thursday, June 22, 2017

Attack on Onnor

The New Adventures of He-Man
Season 1 Episode 4
I like that Nocturna, Kayo and Vizar were in this episode. Hydron said that Flipshot called them to defend Levitan.

"Your friends from Opal got your message"

I'm pretty sure Grot is a hippo-man. He's a farmer but somehow he's strong enough to knock down a Terror Claw & swing a tree around at Hoove. He seemed ok but isn't he technically a mutant? are the mutants slaves on Primus? Maybe Flogg is actually a freedom-fighter trying to free the mutant slaves!

It's funny how Lizzor, Laratti & Hoove sit in those seats on the mutant mother ship, almost like stasis chairs, until they are needed.
I'm surprised that Werban guy was riding a Bolajet. I always consider those things to be military vehicles.
"Well aren't you just soo smart."
So is Skeletor's new havoc staff all tech-based? Because He-Man just splashed some cactus juice on it & it shorted out, but Skeletor still had magic enough to teleport out of there.

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