Friday, June 9, 2017

Double Vision

Season 2 Episode 12

They ret-conned the entire show with 1 sentence & it's too bad because if they had tweaked it a little, the show would have still made sense because TAALR didn't create the threat of the alien invasion, it just took advantage of it.

The show is trying to get us to believe that the aliens are good, even though we've seen them use their mind control to make men shoot each other, kill their mothers after they are born & they even tried to kill all humans when they attempted to release the bio hazards in the GSC only 4 episodes ago. They even reminded us of that with Tara's return.

Instead of trying to fix things Charlie tried to kill himself. Ethan's GPS should have been on all the time, that's how this season started but all safety protocols were thrown out the window. Now the Humanichs killed stupid Fiona but they killed everyone else too. Hopefully Anna will show up & help save the day but I doubt it.

I am interested in seeing Robot Molly fight Alien Molly.

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