Monday, June 26, 2017

Eat a Knievel

Season 3 Episode 8

Chili powder fried brains 

Noo, they killed Vivian? She was so good, I really liked her character. She figured out that Major was human & just talked to him. She was so reasonable & she kept AK47 in check. I can't believe they blew her up in the helicopter. Now that angry dude is in charge.

Wow, an assassination attempt, that was unexpected!

What made them think that Liv could pass as human & with such a lame disguise. All she did was tan & dye. Duh. Now Ravi is stuck in that meeting all by himself. He doesn't even have a disguise.

I'm really hating the romance between Liv & Justin.

Last week it was open-relationships, this week obvious cuckolding. Thank god, the husband killed the black guy, he should have killed his wife too.

What is going on? Is Blaine immortal? Does the cure make you immortal? I liked how he just dropped his dad in the well without a speech.

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