Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Greater Good

Season 2 Episode 13

This was an ok season finale. There were a lot of things that didn't make sense & could have easily been fixed with a few words.

I liked the blood transfusion needle that Molly used to save JD. It would probably have an indicator for blood type, not that it matters with Molly's blood because she's a hybrid. I hoped he would die because of the transfusion but instead they tried to make him into a dad at the end.

"You know, down here, the young ones call you "the hand of death."

Molly got the alien terrorist to help her attack Taalr's servers. It didn't make sense that suddenly the hybrids were able to shut off the power, the whole point of robots vs aliens is that the aliens can't control tech.

Molly vs Molly X wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. Molly X was pretty boring. Molly should have used her glow eyes on to show JD who she was instead of him uttering that corny line.

The nanobots were supposed to eliminate all the Humanichs, so it didn't make sense that Taalr downloaded himself into one after the nanobots were released, when the only reason that Ethan lived is because of his unique anti-tampering firewall. It also didn't make sense that Taalr took over the operating systems of the Humanichs including Ethan. If that were true then Lucy wouldn't have been able to disobey him. I'm guessing that the nanobots also contained malware that was transmitted to all the Humanichs. Maybe Taalr activated his Humanich body using some other system. I'm going to guess Taalr looks like General Shepard now.

This show was surprisingly good, despite these last 2 episodes ret-conning things. They did a good job of balancing the two storylines about aliens & robots & it was never boring. I think it ended really well even though they tried to turn alien invaders into innocent misunderstood refugees.

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